In an on-going effort to reach out to our neighbors in need…

…the members of East Sylva Baptist Church began producing a community garden in 2009.  They lovingly prepare the soil, plant the seeds, and tend to the plants so that God will be glorified with a bountiful harvest of fresh vegetables!  The produce from the garden is then donated to the Community Table, United Christian Ministries and the Council on Aging, as well as other individuals within the community of Jackson County.

2013 Community Garden Update:

church community gardenWe were again so happy about our harvest from our Community Garden here at East Sylva.  We again took produce to United Christian Ministries & the Council on Aging and we were also able to send produce for use our 2013 Mission Trip to Corbin, KY.   This year our totals were:  144 ears of corn, 48 lbs. of okra, 164 lbs. of tomatoes, 145 lbs. of squash, 62 lbs. of cucumbers and 23 lbs. of bell peppers!   We would again like to thank all the wonderful church members who came during all stages of the gardening process and helped.   We had people who helped with preparing the garden area/soil before planting, the planting of the garden, weeding, collecting the produce and finally getting everything cleared out.