_DSC1668In an on-going effort to reach out to our neighbors in need…

…the members of East Sylva Baptist Church began producing a community garden in 2009.  They lovingly prepare the soil, plant the seeds, and tend to the plants so that God will be glorified with a bountiful harvest of fresh vegetables!  The produce from the garden is then donated to the Community Table, United Christian Ministries and the Council on Aging, as well as other individuals within the community of Jackson County.


2014 Community Garden Update:

God has once again richly blessed the efforts of church members who worked in our community garden. The season started with workers asking God to bless the efforts put forth to help put food on the tables of Jackson County residents. The season ended with over 2000 pounds of vegetables such as squash, okra, tomatoes, cucumbers, and corn being distributed to the Council on Aging, United Christian Ministries, and other families in the community. Ninety-six quarts of green beans have been picked and are being canned by the ladies to help provide meals to families after funeral services at the church.