In an ongoing effort to reach out to our neighbors in need the members of East Sylva Baptist Church began producing a community garden in 2009.  They lovingly prepare the soil, plant the seeds, and tend to the plants so that God will be glorified with a bountiful harvest of fresh vegetables!  The produce from the garden is then donated to the Community Table, United Christian Ministries and the Council on Aging, as well as other individuals within the community of Jackson County. Plans are being made now for the 2015 garden and volunteers are needed. Sign up sheet is posted in the sanctuary lobby.

2015 Community Garden Update

Totals for ESBC Community Garden 2015:

Amounts given to United Christian Ministries:
Squash          404 lbs
Tomatoes     142 lbs
Okra              27 lbs
Corn              8 dozen ears

Amounts given to Council on Aging:
Squash          160 lbs
Tomatoes     97 lbs
Okra              74 lbs
Corn              24 dozen ears

Amounts given to East Sylva Folks:
Squash              8 lbs
Tomatoes         18 lbs
Okra                  4 lbs
Corn                  9 dozen ears

Squash          572 lbs
Tomatoes     257 lbs
Okra              105 lbs
Corn              41 dozen ears