Kid Connect

Who: Pre-K (2-4yrs) – 5th Graders

When: Sunday Nights at 5:00pm

Join us for an awesome time of discovering the Gospel through Bible stories, music, games and more!! In Kid Connect we strive to teach the Bible in a way kids can understand and apply its teaching to their lives. Children also learn songs to share during Sunday worship services and present their very own Christmas musical each December.

Through Kid Connect, we strive to provide opportunities for our kids to build relationships and for parents to enjoy a free evening, by hosting monthly activities.

We also enjoy hosting seasonal events such as Fall Extravaganza, Kids Christmas musicals, Easter Egg Hunt, Vacation Bible School, summer camps, and a “Back to School Bash”. Be sure to “Like” our East Sylva Kid Connect Facebook page to stay connected on all the fun things happening!!

Kid’s Church

On Sunday mornings we provide Kid’s Church for children 2yrs – 2nd Grade.

We believe in the importance of our children being part of our worship service, however we recognize that for some of our younger members and guests, it’s hard to quietly sit through service. Our children attend the main worship service with their parents and are dismissed right before the sermon. This allows our children to worship with our church family.

Once Kid’s Church begins, our 2yr olds – 2nd Graders hear a Bible story have activities that are centered around learning God’s Word in away they can understand.



The Well is an incredible opportunity for students to know Jesus and understand the Gospel. One of the greatest features of this ministry, is the intergenerational dynamic of our students. At The Well, students can be around peers, but also students in different life seasons. Each student brings a unique perspective to the community of believers.

Our time together is spent studying God’s Word through activities, asking questions, and conversations. Our focus is on understanding what the Bible says, how its teaching specifically relates to our lives, and how we can share our faith with the world. We meet each Sunday at 9:45 am.

In addition to our weekly meet time, The Well offers monthly activities, outreach opportunities, and avenues for students to serve in various ministries within the church.


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